igorio.com is an initiative of me, Igor Albertsson. All content on this website is based on my personal opinion, and no rights can be claimed from any of it. Just to be clear ;)

Who is Igor Albertsson?

I'm a near-40-year-old Industrial Designer, who graduated from the Delft University of Technology quite a while ago.
My hometown is in The Netherlands near Amsterdam. I write in English to reach a broader audience but English is not my native language, so mistakes will be made. Please forgive me for them.


To earn a bit of money with this website, I am using Skimlinks. This is a service that tracks outgoing clicks from this site to merchants, and gives me a small commission over related sales. This does not influence my opinion on products or services in any way, and has no effect on you, the reader.


You can contact me via Twitter.

Photo by Jace Grandinetti on Unsplash